Solstice Run

How is your summer running?  Have you found some great 5K’s, 10K’s, 1/2 and full marathons?  There certainly are alot to choose from!

I loved doing the Solstice Run in little Northville, Mi!  Still only able to run a 5K and even at that my time was pathetic!  Speed has improved since the stress fracture, but each time I go out for a run~whether it is competative or just for because I “gotta run,” I always say a little prayer:  Dear Lord Jesus, do not ever let me be so intent on my “time,” that I will not stop to help another.”

And, you know what? God always takes me up on that prayer! 

In this particular race, there was a young boy (probably seven or eight years old) sitting on the curb having an asthma attack…There was no parent in sight, so~of course, I was not going to run past him!  I sat down on the curb next to him and soon his father  appeared and had his inhaler. The young boy was then fine.
Later in the run, I heard a woman behind me complaining of an elevated heart rate and shortness of breath.  All I did was offer to walk with her and guided her into taking deep breaths.  She was fine after a few minutes  and then “help” arrived to be sure…

My “time” looked more like a decent 10K than a 5K, but I  don’t care…God answered my prayer, and that is really all I ever want…


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