Dances with Dirt

Do you have your Autumn schedule for your personal favorite sport?  Have you looked up the races in your area or the races in someone elses area that you would love to travel to?

It is only a few days into the Autumn season, and I have all of my runs lined up (either participating in or volunteering at) and registered for.  If I don’t register in advance, they either fill up quickly, without me,  or I get distracted and don’t go back to the registration pages.

Last week I volunteered at the race-of-all-races!  DANCES WITH DIRT!

It is not for wimps; not even wimpy volunteers (which I border on being).  As the volunteer at the Silver Lake Exchange, I directed running traffic (follow the blue flags) pulled back runners who started before the “touch-off” (in a relay, one runner must touch the hand of the next before he/she could continue the course.) For those who did not heed my warnings, I got to threaten them disqualification if they did not go back… Please note:  I am 4’11” tall.  Did they listen to me?  YES!  THEY DID!  (how cool is that!)

My favorite part, however, was helping to wash down those who had  run  miles  threw knee-deep mud, swamps, and corn fields.  Not only was that FUN but very inspiring to those (like me) who need to push their goals “up a notch.”

Sign me up for next year?  Maybe!  I have been invited~want to be on my team?

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